Mastering Convertkit by Mark Thompson

Mastering Convertkit


"Convertkit Is by Far The Easiest And Yet Powerful Email Service Provider I've Discovered So Far"

If you haven't yet tried Convertkit you are in for a pleasant surprise. Without a doubt, it's the easiest email service provider I've ever used. Designed by bloggers it delivers simple yet powerful features that will allow to automate your marketing resulting in more leads and sales.

I've started to recommend it to most people over far more powerful solutions like Activecampaign based purely on its ease of use and practicality. However like most software, there is a learning curve, hence this course.

In this Free course, I show you how to set up your first form (list), your first sequence and connect them together. I also set up some automations and show you how to create a broadcast email with will only go to specific sections of your list. (i.e. non-buyers )

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


Mastering Convertkit -Introduction
3 mins
Signing Up To Convertkit
2 mins
Creating A Form
7 mins
Convertkit Tour
5 mins
Creating Your First Sequence
7 mins
Creating Automations
6 mins
Creating Broadcasts
8 mins
Advanced Convertkit Features
6 mins
8 mins
Mastering Convertkit.mp4
3 mins